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★ Holy Ridge I Route - Dabajian Mt. -> Xue Mt.(聖稜線 I - 大霸尖山->雪山): 2013/7/3 (Wed.) ~ 7/8 (Mon.) ~Hiking High Mountain in Taiwan with 523~

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We welcome you to join us! 

★ Holy Ridge I Route - Dabajian Mt. -> Xue Mt.(聖稜線 I - 大霸尖山->雪山): 2013/7/3 (Wed.) ~ 7/8 (Mon.) ~Hiking High Mountain in Taiwan with 523~

★ Registration deadline: 2013/6/2 (Sun.)

★ Registration Requirements: 
1. Please always stay in the group and listen to group leaders’ instructions.
2. At least have one 3000m-high-mountain trip experience. The trip should be at least 2 days 2 nights long, the longer the better. Please provide your pictures and itinerary of the trip to prove your experiences.
3. Have basic rock climbing skills.
4. Without altitude sickness or other serious diseases which may cause the trip terminated.
5. Have to pass the hiking test: 6/8(Sat.) Cross Yangmingshan National Park trail- from west to east. Participants should finish this trail in 12 hours, or are not allowed to attend the Holy Ridge trip.
6. Sumida Cliff’s (素密達斷崖) video:
Please check the video and make sure you are able to overcome it. You may not need to carry big backpack when you pass the cliff, because we’ll set new ropes for climbing and transporting big backpacks.

Event records & pictures:

Holy Ridge introduction:
Connecting Main Peak of Xue Mountain and Dabajian Mountain, Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) is over 3,100 meters, even over 3,580 meters between Main Peak and North Peak of Xue Mountain. There are many jagged, rugged rocks and steep, cliffy escarpments along the trail. Those who love mountain climbing have to overcome all difficulties with feat and trepidation, then able to finish this significant ridge. As an old saying in the mountain climbing realm goes, “those who finish Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) are qualified to get married.” It means only when a young man breaks through all difficulties along this trail can he shoulder the responsibility of having a family.

Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) was first described in an article written by a Japanese climber in 1928 and was named after the publication of the article. Moreover, it was first conquered in 1931 by a team of mountaineers with the help of ropes.

As time flies, more and more teams tried to climb Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail), resulting in a clear passage already. Many other mountain climbing activities held in the 60s, 70s, and 80s even attracted more crowds to step on this trail. Till now, the traditional route of Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail)—from Dabajian Mountain to Main Peak of Xue Mountain—cannot satisfy dedicated alpinists any more. Some of them, therefore, extend the route by including that of Wuling Quadruple Mountains, arranging “Shengling Y-shaped Trail” “Shengling O-shaped Trail.” Shengling Y-shaped Trail starts from Wuling Farm, across Tao Mountain, Kalahei Mountain, Chihyou Mountain, and Pintian Mountain, keep walking along Takejin Creek to pass Banan, go to Daba Peaks and back with a light pact, and follow the traditional route of Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) to mount Main Peak of Xue Mountain. Shengling O-shaped Trail also starts from Wuling Quadruple Mountains, descends from Pintian Cliff on the west side of Pintian Mountain, and gets to the traditional route of Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) by Buxiulan Mountain. These various choices make this trail the most popular route to approach Xue Mountain Range.

★ Leader:YiRu Li 0988-580-662, ; 阿不拉

★ Pre-activity hiking test:2013/6/8 AM 6:40 Taipei MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1

★ Pre-activity Meeting:2013/6/18 (Tuesday) PM 19:30 at 523 office
7F, No. 189, Sec.3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan (Tai-power Building Station, Exit 3)

★ Gathering Time: 2013/7/3 (Wednesday) PM 18:30
(Please be on time because we’ll depart at PM 19:00.)

★ Gathering Place:Taipei MRT Tai-power Building Exit 1

★ Deadline to register:2013/6/2 (Sun.)

★ How to register:
If you registered 523 hikes by registration form before, please email again to make sure the priority. The registration form must be forwarded to & with the following personal information (After making sure to go, we will give you a payment notice):

1. Activity Name/Date
2. Name
3. Passport number
4. Gender
5. Blood Type
6. Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd)
7. Nationality
8. Occupation
9. Address
10. Home tel.
11. Office tel.
12. Cell phone
13. E-mail
14. Emergency Contact: Name and Relationship.
15. Emergency Contact Phone Number (Taiwan area)
16. Vegetarian (yes or no)
17. Your 3000m-high-mountain trip’s pictures and itinerary (The trip should be at least 2 days 2 nights long.)
(Just registering here on the 523 Facebook page is not acceptable.)

★ Fee:
Non-member NT 9,700, Member NT 9,400
(After making sure to go: At least 8 people register and successfully get the permits, we will give you a payment notice.)
The fee includes the pre-activity meeting, all transportation costs, Hut, food (10 meals, D1~D5: breakfast and dinner), NT3 million accident and medical insurance, services of the group leader and guide, full guidance on the trip, group equipment, park ticket, a safety fund, applying permit and other administrative costs.
(Want to be a 523 member? NT 500/person or NTD 800/family member, with validity 1/1~12/31)

★ Itinerary:
D0 7/3 (Wednesday) 19:00 Depart 出發 → 22:30 GuanWu Visitor Center觀霧遊客中心

D1 7/4 (Thursday) 06:00 Start hiking 出發 → 12:00 Trailhead of Madara Creek馬達拉溪登山口→ 18:00 99 Hut 九九山莊C1

D2 7/5 (Friday) 04:00 Start hiking 出發 → 05:30 3050 Highland watching sunrise. 3050高地觀日出 → 06:30 JiaLi Mt. 加利山登頂 → 09:30 YiZe Mt. 伊澤山登頂 → 10:30 Middle Ba View point 中霸坪展望點 11:00 Dabajian Mt. 大霸尖山 12:30 Small Ba Mt. 小霸尖山 15:30 Banan Hut霸南山屋C2

D3 7/6 (Saturday) 06:00 Start hiking 出發 → 07:30 Bashalayun Mt. 巴紗拉雲山→ 10:30 Buxiu Mt. 布秀蘭山 → 12:00 Sumida Mt. & Sumida Cliff素密達山及斷崖 → 13:30 素密達山屋Sumida Shelter C3

D4 7/7 (Sunday) 06:00 Start hiking 出發 → 09:00 North Peak of Xue Mt. 雪山北峰→ 09:30 Syuebei Shelter雪北山屋 → 11:30 Kailantekun Mt. 凱蘭特崑山 → 13:30 North Corner of Xue Mt. 北稜角 --> 14:30 Main Peak of Xue Mt. 雪山主峰 --> 16:30 Cuei Pond Shelter

D5 7/8 (Monday) 04:00 Start hiking 出發 --> 08:30 369 Hut 369山莊 --> 14:30 Trailhead of Xue Mt. --> 20:00 Arrive Taipei 返回台北

★ Personal Equipment:
Large backpack, small backpack, waterproof backpack cover, swimming suits, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, hiking socks, hiking shoes, slippers or sandals, hiking pole(s), windproof outer jacket (with attached hood), warm layer (pile or down), base layer, spare clothes, spare socks, gloves, warm hat, two-piece waterproof layer (top and bottom), torch, spare batteries, water container (Metal container, we’ll cook hot water every morning in the cabins.), toilet paper, personal medication, spoon and bowl, trash bags, D1~D5 Lunch, nutrition bars or other snacks, ARC or passport, NHI card, spare cash. Detailed instructions on what to pack will be provided at the pre-activity meeting.

★ Points for Attention:
1. Need to share and carry food. Please prepare your personal equipment, water and snack on the march.
2. Please follow the team leader’s instructions. Do not leave the group.
3. If you feel unwell during the trip, please let the team leader know immediately.
4. At least 8 people are required for this activity to proceed. If less than 8 people register, the activity will be cancelled.
5. We are required to apply for permits for this trip. Participants who cancel more than two weeks before the trip will receive a 70% refund of their registration fees. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given to participants who cancel in the two weeks before departure.
6. In the event of typhoons, closure of the mountain, or other factors beyond our control, we will either postpone or cancel the activity based on official announcements from the meteorological authorities or relevant government departments. If participants are forced to cancel because they are unable to attend a rescheduled activity, they will receive a refund after NT200 has been deducted for insurance and administrative costs.
Thank you for your understanding!
7. In the event that the closure of the mountain during the trip forces us to abandon our original itinerary, the association reserves the right to alter the original itinerary, destinations visited, or food and accommodation provided. If any cost savings are made as a result, they will be refunded to participants after the trip is completed.

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