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Hiking in Taiwan with 523:2013/1/12(Sat.) ~1/13(Sun.) LiYuShan Trail + Zhuilu Old Road in Taroko(鯉魚山步道+ 太魯閣錐麓古道)

Hiking in Taiwan with 5232013/1/12(Sat.) ~1/13(Sun.) LiYuShan Trail + Zhuilu Old Road in Taroko(鯉魚山步道+ 太魯閣錐麓古道)
Deadline to registerDecember 10th (Monday) or when fully booked (Limited: 10 persons)
(Zhuilu Old Road is Entry Permit Required, please register before December 10th (Mon.) )
Although LiYuShan is not high, it is the location that is at the intersection of MuGua River and Hualien River; therefore, the alluvial fan formed by the East Rift Valley plains and Hualien River, National DongHwa University and the Pacific can be seen clearly. In good weather, you can even see the boats anchored off Hualien Harbor. After strenuous climbing, you can reach the observation deck of the highest point of the hiking trails. Stand on the deck, and the majestic Central Range of Taiwan is just in front which makes you feel like climbing to the top of high mountains and have the sense of ascension to the throne. Mt. QiLai shows on your left and the other side is the Rift Valley terrain formed by the Coastal Range and the Central Range of Taiwan. This fantastic view coupled with the breeze will certainly make you fall in love with the journey of hiking trails of LiYuShan.
The ZhuiLu Old Trail is the most breathtaking super private spot in Taroko Gorge area, which offers a bird-eye view of the gorge. Imagine yourself looking down from the top of Taipei 101 (Taiwan’s tallest building), but the scenery below is the magnificent view down into the Taroko Gorge. The ZhuiLu Old Trail could definitely offer you such a brilliant experience. Built by Japanese in 1914 in order to fight with local indigene, therefore so many historical traces were left on this trail. The trails sticks to the rim of the gorge along the way, part of it is cut into the vertical cliff by the LiWu River for nearly five hundred meters high. If you adore adventuring and hiking, never miss the ZhuiLu Old Trail.
LeaderKitty Hawk 0912-257-164,
Gathering Time: January 12nd (Saturday) AM 8:00 集合時間:1/12()早上8:00
Gathering PlaceTaipei MRT Tai-power Building Exit 5集合地點:台電大樓捷運站5號出口
Deadline to registerDecember 10th (Monday) or when fully booked (Limited: 10 persons)
報名截止日: 2012/12/10 ()
How to register
1. Participants are required to send a completed registration form and pay the fee to guarantee their place on the trip. Please note that places cannot be reserved until the registration process has been completed in full.
2. The registration form must be forwarded to and with the following personal information.
請將以下報名資料寄至 and, 並繳費完成, 才算完成報名手續並保留車位
1. 參加活動名稱/日期Activity Name/Date
2. 姓名Name
3. 身份證字號Passport number
4. 性別Gender
5. 血型Blood Type
6. 出生年月日(Date of Birth)(yyyy/mm/dd)
7. 國籍Nationality
8. 職業Occupation
9. 通訊地址Address
10. 住家電話Home tel.
11. 公司電話Office tel.
12. 行動電話Cell phone
13. E-mail
14. 緊急聯絡人姓名/關係Emergency Contact Name and Relationship.
15. 緊急聯絡人電話Emergency Contact Phone Number
16. 素食與否 (vegetarian)(yes or no)
17. 匯款是否完成? Is the payment finished? (Yes or No)
18. 匯款人銀行帳號後5 Last 5 number of participant's bank account (For checking if the payment is successful. or will e-mail a result of payment to participant.)
(Just registering here on the 523 Facebook page is not acceptable.)
Non-member NT 4,500, Member NT 4,200
NT 4,500 non-memberNT 4,200 member.
The fee includes the all transportation costs, food (4 meals, D1lunch & dinner and D2 breakfast & lunch), D2 dinner in the restaurant, NT3 million accident and medical insurance, services of the group leader and guide, hostel, a safety fund, applying permit and other administrative costs.
( Like to be a 523 member? Each year only costs NT500!)
(想成為523會員? 一年只需500元會費!)
Please pay the total amount to the following account.
Beneficiary523 Mountaineering Association
BankTaiwan Cooperative Bank, Shuang Lian Branch (bank code "006")
Bank account0925-717-102529
(banking charges borne by yourself)
D1 1/12 (Saturday) 8:00 gather集合 → 11:00Hualin lunch花蓮新城午餐→ 12:30Taroko Visitor Center太魯閣遊客中心 →13:00depart for LiYuShan Trial出發前往鯉魚山步道→14:00 trialhead of LiYuShan Trial鯉魚山步道口 → 15:30 summit of LiYuShan鯉魚山頂→17:00 trialhead of LiYuShan回到鯉魚山步道入口 → 17:00 depart to hostel 前往民宿→ 17:30 民宿Hostel→ dinner晚餐→look at stars on the beach in Qixingtan七星潭看海觀星
D2 1/13 (Sunday) 06:50 早餐breakfast→ 07:10 depart for ZhuiLu Old Road出發前往錐麓古道→ 07:50 trialhead登山口→ 12:30 lunch午餐 → 13:30 depart for WenShan hot spring前往文山溫泉→ 13:45 WenShan hot spring文山溫泉→ 15:45 depart for Taipei返回台北 →17:00 dinner in ILan宜蘭晚餐 → 19:00 Arrive back in Taipei抵台北
Personal Equipment
Please bring small backpack, rain gear, clothes for 2 days, warm clothes (Mountain area is around 1000m high, could be 10C degrees lower than Taipei), headlamp or flashlight, swimming suit (for hot spring, option), hiking shoes, slippers or sandals, sunscreen, personal medication, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath soap, shampoo, towel, water container, spoon and bowl, snack, lunch for day 2, spare cash and ID (ID with passport number, for check).
Points for Attention
1. Please prepare your personal water and snack on the march.
2. Please follow the team leader’s instructions. Do not leave the group.
3. If you feel unwell during the trip, please let the team leader know immediately.
4. At least 7 people are required for this activity to proceed. If less than 7 people register, the activity will be cancelled.
5. If participants cancel the trip for personal reasons before 7 days of departure, they will receive a 80% refund of their registration fees.
Participants who cancel the trip for personal reasons in 7-2 days of departure will receive a 70% refund of their registration fees.
Participants who cancel the trip for personal reasons in 1 day of departure will receive a 50% refund of their registration fees.
Unfortunately, no refunds can be given to participants who cancel the trip on the day of departure.
6. In the event of typhoons, closure of the mountain, or other factors beyond our control, we will either postpone or cancel the activity based on official announcements from the meteorological authorities or relevant government departments. If participants are forced to cancel because they are unable to attend a rescheduled activity, they will receive a refund after NT200 has been deducted for insurance and administrative costs.
Thank you for your understanding!
7. In the event that the closure of the mountain during the trip forces us to abandon our original itinerary, the association reserves the right to alter the original itinerary, destinations visited, or food and accommodation provided. If any cost savings are made as a result, they will be refunded to participants after the trip is completed.
1. 請自備水及行進糧。
2. 活動中請遵從領隊的行程安排、引導,勿脫隊行動。
3. 行程中若有身體不適,務請告知領隊及幹部,謝謝!
4. 本行程需額滿7人才得以成行,否則需予以取消。
5. 取消規定:出發日7日前扣20%,出發日前2~7日以內扣30%,出發前一日扣50%,出發當日未到則扣全額100%
6. 出發日前如遇颱風、封山等,或其他人力不可抗拒之因素影響,將延期出發或取消活動。唯若無法配合挪期而取消報名者,則需扣除保險及作業手續費用每人200元,尚請見諒!
7. 行程途中如遇颱風等不可抗力之特殊因素影響而封山,致使無法完成行程,本會有權變更旅程、遊覽項目或更換食宿;變更後若節省之支出經費,將於返回後,另行通知退還。

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