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Fishermen’s Historic Trail + BA-IAN Hot Spring (魚路古道+八煙溫泉)

Fishermen’s Historic Trail + BA-IAN Hot Spring (魚路古道+八煙溫泉)
By YiRu Li 2013.4.7

Yangmingshan National Park is famous for its volcanic terrain. Volcanic Mountains, fumaroles, and hot springs are the most special scenery in Yanmingshan National Park.
In this trip we’ll visit Da-You fumarole and Ba-Ian Hot Spring through Fishermen’s Historic Trail. It’s a trip we can enjoy the treasures of volcanos and also understand ancestors’ historical activities in this area. After such a great day, let’s enjoy the best wild vegetables and chicken with a dinner at Bamboo Lake!

Dayou fumarole (大油坑) — A former sulfur mining place. Ancient mining equipment and roads are still left around the fumarole.

Ba-ian Hot Spring (八煙溫泉) — Probably the best hot spring in Taiwan! It’s easily reached via public transportation and located at a riverside where hot springs mix with a cold stream. The water is full of minerals which have an excellent healing effect.

Fishermen’s Historic Trail (魚路古道/ 金包里大路) — 100 years ago, this trail was used by fishermen who carried their fish from North coast to sell in Taipei. Today, we still can see many historical remains on this trail: a fishermen’s water-drinking place, villages, terrace fields, stone workshops, bridges and stoves.

Bamboo Lake (竹子湖) Bamboo Lake vegetable and free range chicken — Volcano is not only for watching, it also can be eaten!!! The vegetable in Bamboo Lake is irrigated by hot spring water from Xaio-You Femoral (小油坑). Full of minerals, the vegetables have rich flavors! Free range chickens are raised on the volcanic soil and become super delicious!

10:10 Meet everyone at MRT Jiantan Station Exit1 and take bus. (Small 15, NTD15)
11:10 Arrive Cingtiangang (擎天崗) and start hiking. 12:30 Arrive Dayou fumarole (大油坑).   14:30 Ba-ian Hot Spring trailhead (Royal Bus station: 八煙 (綠峰山莊)) 15:00 Arrive Ba-ian Hot Spring. 17:00 Take Royal Bus (1717) back to MRT Jiantan Station. (NTD107, or go to bamboo Lake for dinner 19:00 Back to MRT Jiantan Station.

Cingtiangang (擎天崗): Take bus Small 15 from MRT Jiantan Station Exit1

Ba-ian Hot Spring:
Up trailhead: Royal Bus(1717) station: 八煙 (綠峰山莊)
Down trailhead: Royal Bus(1717) station: 強薪 (陽明山水、八煙溫泉) or Ba-ian hot spring resort


Cingtiangang Trailhead

Dayou fumarole (大油坑)

Xu-Yan Bridge (許顏橋): Richman Xu-Yan built this bridge in 1896.

A cliff on Fishermen’s Historical Trail

Ba-ian Hot Spring

Pass stream on the way to Down-Trailhead of Ba-ian Hot Spring

Dinner at Bamboo Lake

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