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Fulong 20 kilometers circle Biking Way

Fulong 20 kilometers circle Biking Way
By YiRu Li 2013/6/6               

Where is a biking way that is close to Taipei, has great scenery and isn’t too short? Fulong’s 20-kilometer round-trip bike path is the best choice!

Along this path, you can visit the most amazing beaches on northeast coast. The northeast coast is famous for wave-cut benches. Many creatures live on the benches. You can even see many fish living in the rock holes of the bench. In spring, seaweed grows everywhere and makes the benches totally green.

Besides rock beaches, Fulong also has a famous white sand beach. Many activities are arranged here: swimming, surfing, diving, boating, music concert and sand sculptures.

Fulong is the hometown of delicious food. The most famous Fulong lunch box shop is the first shop on the left as you exit the train station. You can also try cool and delicious seaweed jelly.

Biking around Fulong is the best way to enjoy so many great things at the same time!

Take train to Fulong. There are several bike-rental shops in front of the train station.


09:05 Meet everyone at Taipei Railway Station Lobby South 1 Entrance and take train 4162.(AM. 9:35 NTD 83)
10:58 Arrive Fulong, have lunch and rent Bike. 11:50 Start Biking around Northeast Coast. 13:30. Arrive Maoao, look around fish village and check out traditional stone houses. 14:00 Keep Biking and enjoy the beautiful beach. 16:30 Back to Fulong and take train to Taipei. (Train 4193 PM 16:51) 18:16 Arrive Taipei.

Biking Way from Fulong Train Station

Shicheng 石城

Bike path along the coast

Wave-cut bench


Sandiaojiao 三貂角

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