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Nanhu Mountain~ Flower Season(南湖大山)2013/5/24 (Fri.) ~ 5/28 (Tue.)

★ Nanhu Mountain~ Flower Season(南湖大山)2013/5/24 (Fri.) ~ 5/28 (Tue.)
By YiRu Li

Nanhu Mountain is 3,742 meters high and the highest peak in the Central Mountain Range. It is also one of the Five Mountains of Taiwan.
Its most well-known characteristic is the cirque, which is circled by two ridges, one reaching from the north peak to the northeast peak and the other from the east peak to the summit. It is generally believed to be a cirque left over from the last ice age. 

In Nanhu, flora mainly includes alpine tundra ecosystems and coniferous forest ecosystems. Unique plants commonly seen here are Juniperus squamata, alpine azalea, and hemlock. Old growth forests cover most of this area, making an ideal living environment for mammals. As a result, a wide variety of mammals live in the area between Nanhu Mountain and Central Range Point, including Formosan rock monkeys, muntjacs, white-headed flying squirrels, alpine accentors, and Formosan laughing thrushes.

In late May, flowers bloom everywhere in Nanhu Mountain. Let’s go to enjoy the most beautiful flower season in Taiwan’s High Mountains!

'Top Hundred' mountains:
1.      Shenmazhen Mountain 審馬陣山 3141m
2.      Nanhu Mountain North Peak 南湖北峰 3536m
3.      Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 3742m

4.      Nanhu Mountain East Peak 南湖大山東峰 3632m

D0 5/24 (Friday) 19:30 Depart 出發 22:30 The hostel in YuLan Village 玉蘭村(茶鄉園民宿-四人套房)

D1 5/25 (Saturday) 07:00 Start hiking 出發 11:00 Entrance of 6.8K Trail 710 13:30 Tuochiatun Cabin 多加屯山 15:00 Mukan Saddle 木杆鞍部 16:00 New Yunleng Cabin 雲稜山莊C1 (Water)

D2 5/26 (Sunday) 06:00 Start hiking 出發 08:45 Shenmazhen Mountain 審馬陣山12:00 North Peak Cross Road 南湖北峰登山口 Nanhu Mountain North Peak 南湖北峰 Wuyanfeng 五岩峰15:00 Nanhu Shelter 南胡山屋C2 (Water)

D3 5/27 (Monday) 04:00 Start hiking 出發 06:00 Nanhu Mountain East Peak 南湖大山東峰 08:30 Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 09:30 Nanhu Mountain Cabin 南湖山屋 11:00 Nanhu Mountain North Peak crossing 南湖大山北峰登山口Shenmazhen Cross Road 審馬陣山登山口 16:30 New Yunleng Cabin 雲稜山莊C3 (Water)

D4 5/28 (Tuesday) 04:00 Start hiking 出發 04:30 Mukan Saddle 木杆鞍部 08:30 6.8K Mountain entrance 登山口 09:45 Trailhead 思源啞口登山口 11:45 JiaoXi Hot Spring 礁溪春和溫泉 13:00 Lunch at restaurant 慶功宴 17:00 Arrive Taipei 返回台北

National Park Admission Permit application website:

Only need to apply Park Admission Permit. The system will automatically apply mountain admission permit for you. After get the permits successfully, please print the permits and bring them to the trip.

Public Transportation to trailhead -- Shengguang 勝光 (張良橋)

1.Traffic Information Bus 1751 from Yilan 宜蘭 to Wuling Farm 武陵農場
   Take Kuo-Kauang bus in Yilan Transfer Center (See on Google map)
   Yilan to Wuling Farm: 07:30 /12:40
   Wuling Farm to Yilan: 08:30 / 13:30
   Timetable may change. Please check Kuo-Kauang bus國光巴士 Website:

2.Traffic Information Bus 1764 from Luodong 羅東 to Wuling Farm武陵農 
   Take Kuo-Kauang bus in Luodong Station (See on Google map)
   Luodong to Wuling Farm: 07:00
   Wuling Farm to Luodong: 13:00
   Timetable may change. Please check Kuo-Kauang bus國光巴士 Website:

B&B Breakfast

B&B garden

Watermelon field

Waiting for road passing, because it was a landslide last night and the road is under construction.
Waiting for road passing
Start hiking~ walking through a big fruit and vegetable farm~
Firebreak alley in forest. We came from left side and follow this alley connecting to Entrance of 6.8K Trail 710. Holy Ridge view is behind.
Connected to Entrance of 6.8K Trail 710

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